Yaoxing Steel  perfect after-sales service is to enhance the brand reputation and loyalty, an important way. Yaoxing Steel  strict accordance with the provisions of the relevant policies, in line with people-oriented, serving the public spirit of customer satisfaction as the first element, the establishment of a complete perfect after-sales service system, and continuously updated according to customer needs in order to enhance the quality of service Yaoxing Steel  brand value.

To strengthen after-sales service management, and constantly improve the service level is Yaoxing Steel  in the fierce market competition, the necessary safeguards in an invincible position.


1, enthusiastic attitude


     Yaoxing Steel  has established a complete detailed customer service files, require customer service warm, earnest hospitality customers and in the shortest possible time to deal with related matters, to ensure customer satisfaction Heart.


2, human-oriented service system


     Yaoxing Steel  is not only in strict accordance with relevant national code of practice provides for customer service, but also under 20 years of sales experience to develop a special code of practice, and strive to devote to properly resolve customer problems.


3, attentive service mode


        Yaoxing Steel  to set-point services, tracking services, a variety of ways so as to provide each customer convenience worry.